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"The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect."
-- Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and inventor of the World Wide Web

Our Mission Statement

All web sites created by Spider Web Woman Designs are designed to be accessible to people with disabilities. Our webmaster is a member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals.

Web Accessibility Resource Links

The following are links to sites with more information, resources and tools for making accessible web sites. If you have any questions or would like to suggest a site, please send us an email.

The Web Accessibility Initiative at the W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium. The W3C was founded in October 1994 to lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing common protocols that promote its evolution and ensure its interoperability.  The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), in coordination with organizations around the world, is pursuing accessibility of the Web through five primary areas of work: technology, guidelines, tools, education & outreach, and research & development.

State of Connecticut Web Site Accessibility Committee The State of Connecticut was one of the first States to recognize the need for equal access for all its customers through the Internet. Connecticut established its first working group to develop guidelines to ensure HTML documents are accessible to persons with disabilities on August 23, 1996. The first Universal Website Accessibility Policy was adopted on December 27, 1996.

Microsoft Accessibility: Technology for Everyone Accessibility enables people of all abilities to realize their full potential. Microsoft creates technology that is accessible to people around the world - of all ages and abilities.

WebAIM (Accessibility In Mind)

Accessibility in Online Teaching

Web Standards for the Government of Canada - Through collaboration with the Government's Web communities, the Common Look and Feel 2.0 (CLF 2.0) has been replaced by the Standards on Web Accessibility and Web Usability.

ICDRI - The International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet A collection of accessibility tools and goodies just for you ...

The Ultimate Section 508 Guide for Students

Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools

WCAG-EM Report Tool - Website Accessibility Evaluation Report Generator - This tool helps you generate a report according to the Website Accessibility Conformance Evaluation Methodology (WCAG-EM). It does not perform any accessibility checks. It helps you follow the steps of WCAG-EM, to generate a structured report from the input that you provide. It is designed for experienced evaluators who know Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and are somewhat familiar with WCAG-EM.

W3C WAI Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools List (Updated in March 2016) Web accessibility evaluation tools are software programs or online services that help you determine if web content meets accessibility guidelines. This page provides a list of evaluation tools that you can filter to find ones that match your particular needs.

W3C HTML Validation Service checks HTML documents (web pages) for conformance to W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) HTML and XHTML Recommendations and other HTML standards. You need to have a properly coded DOCTYPE in your web page for this tool to be effective.

W3C CSS Validation Service validates your Style Sheet against the most current CSS specification. You can validate your style sheet by entering the URL into their web page, uploading your CSS file to their server or pasting or typing your CSS into a textbox on their site.

HiSoftware® Cynthia Says™ Portal - The HiSoftware CynthiaSays™ portal is a joint education and outreach project of HiSoftware, ICDRI, and the Internet Society Disability and Special Needs Chapter. Cynthia Says educates users in the concepts behind website accessibility. It is meant for personal, non-commercial use to inform the community on what constitutes accessible web design and content. It helps users identify errors in their Web content related to Section 508 standards and/or the WCAG guidelines for Web accessibility. Cynthia Says allows users to test individual pages on their website and provides feedback in a reporting format that is clear and easy to understand.

WAVE Accessibility Tool WAVE is a free web accessibility evaluation tool provided by WebAIM. It is used to aid humans in the web accessibility evaluation process. Rather than providing a complex technical report, WAVE shows the original web page with embedded icons and indicators that reveal the accessibility information within your page. The WAVE Firefox toolbar provides a mechanism for running WAVE reports directly within Firefox.

Vischeck This image engine will simulate how the page looks to someone with a color deficit.

Check Your Site This page contains links to many of the tools listed above - you can quickly check the pages of your site for valid markup, accessibility, usability, browser compatibility, spell checking, etc.

Web Design Group HTML Validator - an HTML Syntax Checker. This online tool can be used to validate one page or your entire site.

The Web Developer Extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera The Web Developer extension adds various web developer tools to a browser. The extension is available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera, and will run on any platform that these browsers support including Windows, OS X and Linux.

Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar provides a variety of tools for quickly creating, understanding, and troubleshooting Web pages.

Microsoft Edge Site scan Run a quick code scan on any URL to check for out-of-date libraries, layout issues, and accessibility

Windows 10 Accessibility

5 new accessibility features in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Accessibility Tools for Windows 10

The Windows 10 Accessibility Handbook: Supporting Windows Users with Special Visual, Auditory, Motor, and Cognitive Needs

How to Manage Accessibility Features in Windows 10

Shortcut keys for Windows 10 - This guide lists shortcut keys that you can use from the desktop in Windows 10.

My Online Articles at MSDN

May 2009 - Creating Accessible Online Forms with Expression Web 2: Excerpt - "In this article, we are going to focus on learning what makes an online form not accessible and how to create accessible forms."

March 2009 - Designing Web Sites for Accessibility with Expression Web 2: Excerpt - "The task of ensuring that the web content you create is accessible has two parts: creating the content and testing it (before you deploy) to make sure it follows the guidelines. If you’ve already installed Expression Web 2, you are on the right track. Expression Web 2 includes an Accessibility Checker that will test one page or your entire site against either WCAG or Section 508."

Federal Computer Week

December 1999 - Make the Internet Accessible for All: The Americans with Disabilities Act, signed into law in 1990, requires that government provide individuals with disabilities access to public places.



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